My teaching philosophy:

Yoga is a tool that we can use to come back into our bodies and engage our own thoughts.We need yoga now more than ever. We as a society are bombarded everyday with external stimulus, especially with the epidemic of social media that is influencing us on what to buy, how to think and what our lives should look like. Our yoga mat is a sanctuary where we can connect to our true selves. Using pranayama (breathwork) and asana (postures) we can dig deeper into ourselves and listen to what our body, our mind and our soul are really asking for.
This is where big change happens and it takes courage. Yoga will begin to seep into your entire life. Living with more care for others and ourselves, noticing how your body feels after eating healthy vs. unhealthy foods, allowing more tolerance in your relationships, the benefits go on and on. The yoga that I teach is not about hopping from one posture to another to loud music. I want you to experience a journey that will slow you down and bring you back home to your true self. When we are connected to our true self we are set free.

 “May our thoughts be clear and non-judgmental,
May our words be kind and truthful,
May our hearts be open and full of compassion for ourselves and each other.”