Class Schedule

Berkshire Yoga, Dance & Fitness
55 North St. Suite 202

All classes are held at Berkshire Yoga, Dance & Fitness, located on the 2nd floor (elevator available) above the Beacon Cinema. The studio supplies yoga mats, blankets and blocks but feel free to bring your own.

Moderate Level Class
Mondays 5:15pm-6:15pm $10

This is an excellent class if you are looking for a bit of a challenge, breath work and mindfulness. We will practice uniting our breath with our body while strengthening and toning. Some previous yoga experience encouraged.
There is an optional 15 minute silent meditation after every class.

Gentle/Beginner Level Class
Wednesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm $10

This is a perfect class if you are new to yoga or if you are looking to unwind after a busy day. We will focus on slowing down and deepening our breath, nurturing our body through gentle yogic postures and enjoying a long relaxation at the end of our practice. This class is for those looking to restore and revitalize their body, mind and soul.